Osteria is looking to recruit energetic people to help fill roles as we expand our operation. We are looking for a range of staff from talented chefs, weekend juniors and mid-week staff. Full time and casual positions are available with great conditions.

Junior Pit Crew Team Member

We need someone to keep Osteria’s engine running as we race to become the leading restaurant in our region.

We are looking for a junior Kitchen Hand with aspirations of becoming a future Chef. You will most likely witness all sorts of crazy working in our restaurant kitchen. With over 60 staff including waitresses and waiters, chefs and function staff, there is no end to the stories that are created here each day. This is real life Master Chef without the PG rating.

The rewards of a long day in the kitchen, although hard, are rarely matched in a normal workplace. We won’t lie, its challenging, but the level of teamwork and commitment required to deliver a good service produces the highs of winning the Grand Final. It is off this that kitchen teams thrive.

Whilst developing your skills in the kitchen, you will be exposed to all facets of a restaurant kitchen’s operation. You will be directly responsible for managing the dish area which is the engine room of the kitchen, food preparation, ordering supplies and maintaining your equipment. You will pick up exceptional knife skills, preparation and cooking techniques, and work as a team to deliver awesome lunch and dinner services.

It will take determination and a competitive spirit to tackle the daily challenges that come with the territory but making friends will never have been easier. Picking up life-long skills and developing management techniques will all be part of the job.

Want to be a Chef? Then it’s time to find out more.

Please send a cover letter explaining why you would fit this role along with your CV to admin@osteriacasuarina.com.au

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