Osteria is looking to recruit energetic people to help fill roles as we expand our operation. We are looking for a range of staff from talented chefs, weekend juniors and mid-week staff. Full time and casual positions are available with great conditions.


The Next Gordon Ramsey

Are you wanting to join the ranks of the rock star chefs? We have the opportunity!! It won’t be quite as foul mouthed as Ramsey’s kitchen but the environment will be exhilarating!!! We are looking for a 2nd Year Apprentice wanting to improve their kitchen operation skills and with aspirations of becoming a future head chef.

If you are a second year apprentice then you have already seen the craziness that exists inside the kitchen, you are half way there. So, why go through the crazy if it doesn’t get you what you want? Make it pay. We want the apprentice that wants to become excellent! We want to provide the training both onsite and within Melbourne’s leading hospitality management school to ensure that you can develop into not only a skilled chef, but a great Restaurant Operator.

The rewards of a long day in the kitchen, although hard, are rarely matched in a normal workplace. We won’t lie, its challenging, but the level of teamwork and commitment required to deliver a good service produces the highs of winning the grand final. It is off this that kitchen teams thrive.

It will take determination and a competitive spirit to tackle the daily challenges that come with the territory but making friends will never have been easier. Picking up life-long skills and developing management techniques will all be part of the job. Want to be a GREAT chef? Then it’s time to find out more.

Superstar Bar Supervisor


We hire individuals! In this case……… a Bar Supervisor to be exact.

At Osteria we don’t care where you are from or, what your cultural background is. We employ team orientated people that love customer service, that’s It!

If you have a great attitude and want to join our expanding team, then it’s time to find out more. We want an inspired individual with bar experience, someone capable of working under pressure, and most importantly, someone that wants to develop their management skills and learn how to run a bar operation. A sense of humour is also a must!

Osteria’s philosophy of valuing its team members and assisting them with achieving their personal goals ensures that you will develop the skills that you need to succeed within the workplace and outside. There will be market leading training available on site and in Melbourne with the industry leading hospitality management school. You will be supported by our team of professional managers as you develop your bar management skills. Your long term role will include menu development, training junior team members, liaising with suppliers and recruitment.

In the short term you will be asked to; deliver exceptional customer service; work as a team player; work in high pressure situations; deliver high quality beverages and to manage the daily operation of a diverse and busy bar.

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