Originally founded in 2005 as The Sandbar and Grill, the restaurant was originally created as a community hub for the newly built seaside town of Casuarina. The Sandbar and Grill operated successfully for three years, but closed its doors in 2009.

As three members of the original ‘Sandbar’ team; Lee, Lia and Mark, we were inspired by our European travels through Greece and Italy, and decided to reopen and revive the restaurant.

We renamed the restaurant Osteria, after our love of the simplicity and the perfect emphasis placed on good food, wine and produce at all of the Osterias found scattered throughout Italy.

Initially reopened as an Italian inspired meeting place for family and friends in the region to enjoy locally grown produce, great food dishes, and delicious wine, the venue has now evolved into a sophisticated, well-known, self-sustainable hub. You can find out more about our sustainability journey here.

We are proud of what Osteria has become within our community and how it has developed, and we will strive to keep delivering new and innovative dining experiences for our customers, while staying at the forefront of sustainable living.

We look forward to welcoming you to the O.

Mark, Lee + Lia.