At Osteria we believe in being carbon neutral, and it is our aim to achieve this for our community, and our future communities. In just 5 years we have been able to start the restructuring process to get to our end goal of a zero carbon footprint.

Osteria has an array of organic gardens supplying food to the kitchen team. With 1/2 acre of dedicated outdoor gardens with produce including soft herbs, edible flowers, fruit and vegetables, the team can access fresh and organic products.

These gardens are fed and fuelled by the onsite compost heap, in which kitchen waste is used to build. The worm farms produce enough natural fertisiliers to run these gardens, and this effortlessly reduces landfill and the overall carbon footprint of the restaurant.

The rest of Osteriaโ€™s produce is sourced from the local area with farmers delivering straight to our backyard.

There are immediate plans to harvest rainwater from the large roof span, and also long term plans are in place for the restaurant to be powered by solar energy. This will take Osteria off the grid completely.

Some of the other activities to complete our sustainability journey include;

  • the planting of over 500 trees and plants.
  • the use of purely organic and free-range meat and poultry where possible.
  • the introduction of organic and biodynamic wines, and preservative free beer.

The overall goal for Osteria is to be a completely carbon neutral venue, taking advantage of all of the resources at hand to make a difference within the community. Follow our instagram journey here for regular updates on how we are going.